Migraines are a debilitating and extremely painful condition to live with. Migraines seem to happen at the most inconvenient time and cause sufferers to be unable to complete their daily routines. Approximately 38 million of those living in the United States have migraines. What are the symptoms?

  • Some migraines begin with an aura – some type of visual disturbance
  • Ringing in the ears called tinnitus
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Visual changes
  • Sensitivity to light and sound

Migraines are often triggered by:

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  • Red wine
  • MSG or other food additives
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate

Family doctors and even specialists are often not sure of how to go about properly caring for head pain. They may recommend strong prescription medications, lifestyle changes, and avoiding triggers. Some have begun to look at the person as a whole, not just addressing one issue. Medication is not always the best solution as it often leads to more intense pain called rebound headaches.  A neurologist at Harvard has developed a way to get migraine patients off of medications and remain pain-free. Natural solutions to head pain are becoming the preferred option.

Migraines Relieved by Proper Spinal Alignment

A connection has been noted between migraine pain and a misalignment in the bones of the neck. In particular, the C1 vertebra or atlas bone is often to blame. This bone easily misaligns due to its position and shape. The atlas is located in the same area as the brainstem, and it actually has the job of protecting the brainstem. Therefore, if it becomes misaligned, it places stress on the brainstem, causing it to malfunction. This leads to vascular and neurological problems, such as migraines.

Here at our Charlevoix, Michigan office, we use a method that is both gentle and precise to realign the atlas bone. This leads to healing in the body, and the brainstem can function at its optimum level once again. This may be the very thing needed to see a decrease in or resolution of migraines.


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