Chiropractic in Charlevoix MI has become a sought-after care alternative for those who live in the state. People come seeking pain relief for a condition that makes their days long and their nights unbearable. 

While not all of them are literary giants, they have a lot in common with the famous author, Herman Melville. First, Melville had an affinity for their state and even dedicated an entire paragraph about Lake Michigan in his novel.  In chapter 54 of Moby Dick, he wrote about the Great Lakes, one of which was Michigan, and their “ocean-like expansiveness, with many of the ocean’s noblest traits.” Second, Melville also agonized about his back pain.


Writers and Back Pain

“This constant working of the brain, and excitement of the imagination, is wearing Herman out…” wrote Lizzie, the loving wife of Melville. In the middle of Herman’s obsessive writing episodes, she wrote this in a letter to family and friends as a way to express her concern for his health.  

One day, Herman Melville emerged from his seclusion with the manuscript for the novel, Moby Dick. Together with the book, Melville came out of the room he used for writing with anxiety, eye twitching, and severe back pain. He had almost worked himself to complete exhaustion.

Writers and those with more regular day jobs in front of a desk or computer also experience these pains.  Pressure mounting on their pelvis and backsides, their head protruding forward, and their backs hunched, back pain is almost inevitable.

Like pen is to paper, the writer is to back pain.  It is so true that it is even funny. All the hours of sitting on a desk and computer, or in the case of Melville, with pen and ink, is a bane for the back.  

He could have developed back pain long before he became a novelist. Before beginning his writing career, he also worked long hours as a bank employee. Later on, he also worked at a cap and fur store. These jobs could have given him back strain, a condition that would worsen once he took up the solitary life of a writer.


Causes of Back Pain

Of course, one does not need to be a novelist to develop a bad case of back pain.  Among the people who need chiropractic in Charlevoix MI, they come from various industries or professions. Some are teachers, and others work in construction. Some are in the IT or hospitality services industry.  

Today, there is no single profession that is prone to back pain.  When the workload and stress are high enough, all types of jobs or occupations can make people experience lumbar discomfort and even upper back muscle tension. 

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Regardless of profession or occupation, here are some of the most common causes of back pain:

  • Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the known causes of back pain. This condition refers to the wearing down of cartilage in between connecting bones. This cartilage is supposed to act as a cushion or shock absorber. When they wear out, they cause friction on the bones that also lead to painful sensations. In the case of back pain, arthritic pain spreads in the bones of the hips and lower back region. It can also affect the lower back. 

  • Spinal Stenosis

This condition refers to arthritis in the spine. It affects the space that surrounds the spinal cord.

  • Bulging or ruptured discs

Like cartilage, there are discs in-between vertebrae or the bones that make up the spine. When the soft material inside the disc leaks or extends out, this is called a ruptured disc.  In most cases, the ruptured disc comes into contact with a nerve and produces a very sharp pain.

  • Muscle or ligament strain

These strains in the muscles or ligaments are usually caused by a sudden jerk or motion, lifting weighty objects, or overexertion.

  • Osteoporosis

This disease is about the weakening of the bones due to lack of calcium. Over time, the bones become very brittle and can easily break or become fractured.


Effective Pain Relief Methods for Back Pain

To deal with back pain, many have tried a variety of methods. These are some of the common ways people deal with back pain:

1. Medications

People in serious pain normally reach out for painkillers or go to a doctor to get a prescription.  There are cases when taking medications is the fastest source of relief.  However, it is always better to get expert recommendations or a prescription before taking any drug. Self-medication may lead to unexpected and unwanted side effects.

2. Physical Therapy

Some have found benefit from undergoing a few sessions of conventional physical therapy.

3. Yoga

More than just a fad, yoga is an ancient Eastern method of exercise that emphasizes breathing, stretching, and poses that help improves blood circulation, restore nervous system functions, promote calm and relaxation, as well as mental focus.  It is also a good means to get pain relief since yoga’s movements help relieve nerves from nerve impingement or compression.

4. Upper Cervical Spine Care 

In terms of the benefits of chiropractic in Charlevoix MI, clients have found great benefit in upper cervical spine care.  They have learned from successive visits to the upper cervical chiropractic office that misalignments in the atlas and axis bones cause deviations in other parts of the spine. These unwanted changes in upper spinal bones’ position lead to muscle tension and nerve impingements that produce back pain’s painful sensations. 

By restoring the alignment of the upper cervical spine, pain is reduced, and mobility is restored. Over time, people with back pain regain their strength, good posture, and best of all, become pain-free.

Here at Ricks McClure Chiropractic, great care and attention are given to each and every person who comes in for help.  We use the technique developed by the National Upper Cervical Care Association (NUCCA) to help restore balance to your spine.

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There is no need to write a novel about all the pain you suffer. You don’t need to be like Herman Melville, who went through a horrible period in his life due to back pain. Visit us today and get the pain relief you need.

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