Dizziness is a very common occurrence. Not only is it common, but it is also a term sometimes used to describe a number of different symptoms. Let’s take a closer look at 4 kinds of dizziness and what they actually feel like. The type of dizziness being experienced is important to know whether visiting one’s family doctor or chiropractor. We can then discuss the best option available to help a person cope with dizziness.

Types of Dizziness and What They Mean

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  • Disequilibrium: A feeling of being off balance. Walking is difficult, and falling can occur.
  • Lightheadedness: The sensation that one is going to faint. It often happens when one has low blood pressure or stands up too rapidly.
  • Vertigo: The person or the things around him seem to be spinning or tilting, but there is no actual movement. This can come about due to an inner ear problem or an issue with the vestibulocochlear nerve that sends signals to the brain about the body’s location.
  • Anxiety: This is not really a form of dizziness, but some experience dizziness due to anxiety. You may have heard this in relation to a person looking down from a tall building and feeling instantly uneasy.

Where to Find Relief from Dizziness

Here at Ricks McClure Chiropractic, we use a specialized technique called NUCCA to help realign the C1 and C2 bones as this is often the underlying source of dizziness. When these bones move out of place – due to car accidents, sporting injuries, trip and fall accidents, or anything that causes trauma to the head and overextends the neck muscles – the brainstem can be put under stress. This causes it to send improper signals to the brain about where the body is located in its environment. NUCCA is a gentle method that helps the bones to realign without popping or cracking the spine. Our patients often report positive results after just a few visits.


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