First Visit: Your Office Visit Begins by Making Sure You Are in the Right Place

We start with a comprehensive health history to make sure that your goals can be met by our form of chiropractic care. Our health history and consultation includes:

  • What’s wrong and how it’s affecting your life,

  • What you’ve been through so far, such as medical tests and diagnosis,

  • Health history, including previous accidents and traumas, surgeries, illnesses, and hospitalizations

If we believe we can help, the visit will continue with an in depth comprehensive orthopedic, neurologic, chiropractic examination consisting of 60 tests,  to determine any suspected problem areas in the spine.

If our exam shows you have a problem we can help, the first visit continues with our specific x-ray protocol. Precise state of the art high frequency x-rays are made of the suspected problem areas.

Second Visit: At Your Second Visit We Will Address the Root Cause of Your Problem

It begins with a review of the doctor’s findings with a complete explanation of your problem, what can be done about it, and an explanation of care both in office and home care recommendation. We will then continue with your first NUCCA upper cervical adjustment.

With the upper cervical spinal correction we aim to achieve the following:

  • Better spinal flexibility

  • Relaxation of tight, painful back muscles

  • Improvement in balance of the hips and the legs

  • Reduction of stress from inflamed joints

  • Removal of stress to the nervous system at the upper cervical spine

  • Improvement in overall body health

After your first upper cervical spinal correction, we will re-measure your spinal balance and compare it to our measurements at your first visit. We expect to see improvements in posture by the end of the second visit.

You are now on the road to better health and quality of life!

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